How to hack an Instagram account

In today’s world where internet has become a widely popular medium for communication, it is virtually decreasing the distance between people. Just one click and you can visit Rome on your computer screen. It comes with a lot of upsides and downsides.

In the world of internet, there came a time of social media, which allowed people from different culture and background to connect. There are many platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. which are one of the most popular among the human population who have access to the internet. People share their thoughts, their photographs, messages, and what not through these sites. But this also gave rise to what we call in today’s world, Cybercrime.

There are some people who somehow manage to get unauthorized access to other person’s profile, either it be Facebook account or YouTube. Better known as hacking it is becoming very popular.

There are many reasons why someone would hack anyone’s account. Maybe someone else hacked your account and you want to regain access to it or you forgot your password or you are a parent and worried about your child’s suspicious behavior on the internet. There are many reasons to do that. Good or bad, we are not going to judge. That’s why today we’ll be telling you how to hack an Instagram account.

Instagram started as a medium to share pictures for likes and comments, but now it has upgraded and you can do chatting and go live through it. Instagram also allows you to upload stories of your day to day routine. So we’ll be talking about how to hack an Instagram account.

Each of the ways will be 3 step process.

1. Using InstaHack

This one helps you to hack Instagram account with the password. There are a lot of websites that promise to do that, but not everyone is legit. But this one is different. Instahack helps you to hack the account and person with the steps mentioned below.

  1. You can either go to their website or download the app from google play. After doing that open it, click the button start hacking. It might appear either at the top of the screen or bottom. Just clicking the button will complete your first step towards hacking an account.
  2. Now, after you have clicked the button start hacking, a pop-up window will open. In this pop-up window you will be required to enter the username or the account name of the account holder whose account you are going to hack. Just enter the account name and press enter. With this an automatic process of fetching password will start.
  3. In this step the password will be fetched through the server of Instagram in the form of encrypted code. This is done in an encrypted code to protect the identity of the hacker. In this process, basically the software or the website will connect with the Instagram’s server so this process might take a long time.

    After that, when the password is obtained, you’ll probably get a notification. Then it will ask you to download the file containing the password. So just click on the download link and there you have the password to the account.

This is one of the easiest ways to hack into someone’s Instagram account without any hustle.

2. Without downloading anything

This process can be easily done with your Android smartphone without any trouble of downloading an app other than Instagram.

  1. To start with the hacking process, firstly all you have to do is login to your account and then go to the person’s profile you want to hack. This is a rather simple way of hacking with maximum chances of success, as it doesn’t include any password downloading and all.
  2. Now click the option to report their profile which is mostly at the top right corner of the screen. This will open up a window with different options. Before doing that, just follow them or send them follow request to ensure the guidelines of Instagram.
  3. Now in the report window, find the option “login and troubleshooting”, which will be present at the bottom or the middle.

    This way you can get another link saying “can’t login”. Click on that link and choose the option where it says “can’t find an email address during password reset”; this will immediately open up a bar where you have to enter the person’s account name and Viola! You have accessed someone else’s Instagram account more likely hacked the account. Now you can do anything with the account.

3. Using mSpy

  1. For this method, you can go to the website mSpy and login to it. Now there you have two options, either you can go for the demo version where you get limited access or you can buy the subscription to the site which gives you full access for a certain period of time. You have less chance of failure with the subscription.
  2. You can always go for the demo at first if you want to test the credibility or don’t want to spend money on the subscription. But once you purchased the subscription, you will receive an email immediately with a link or within an hour or so. This link will confirm your membership with the site and will provide you with the information about hacking.
  3. Click on the link. This will open up a new window, where you can fill in your details. Once you’ve filled the form, you will receive an instruction guide through email about the installation process of the program into your system.

    The link will also open a control panel which will moderate all the processes. After installing mSpy, open the control panel and as per the instructions, hack whichever Instagram account you want within seconds. Remember, the demo version does not give you full access to the program which means you might not be satisfied with the results.

Hack the Instagram password by using InstaLeak

  1. To hack into someone’s Instagram account, you have to go to the website This website is rather new and will help you into hacking into another Instagram account. Now at the bottom of the screen you will see a button saying “start hacking”. All you have to do is click that button and wait.
  2. After clicking the button a pop-up menu will appear within a second. Now you will see a dialog box which will ask you to write the name of the account you want hack, so enter the account name in that box. To confirm and get the password of that account, click “I agree and continue”. This will ensure the name of the account you have entered to generate the password.
  3. This process will download a compressed file on your system which contains the password or the hacking details. This might take a while and maybe to check your credibility you’ll be asked to complete one or two surveys after which you’ll get the information and you will be able to hack into someone else’s account easily and use it as you want.


  1. To hack an Instagram account, go to website There you will see a button in the middle of the screen “Instagram account hacker”. Click that button to proceed towards the next step.
  2. Now you’ll be asked to enter the username or ID of the account holder. Just enter the required information into that box and click the enter button. This will generate a password of the Instagram account you want to hack within seconds.
  3. To download the password, just click on the download button which will pop up after the password has been identified. Before downloading, you might have to complete a small survey to ensure your authenticity after which you’ll be easily able to download the password and can easily hack your favorite Instagram account.

Using the How-To-Hack site

If you want to hack someone else’s Instagram account or get access to your own account if you’ve forgotten your password then you’ve surely come to the right place.

  1. To start the process, go to this website This website will help you to easily access anyone’s Instagram account. Now on this website, you’ll see an option of “Start Hacking Now” in bold letters. Click that button and you’ll be taken to a new page.
  2. Now the page that has appeared will ask you to fill the Instagram username of the account you want to hack. Just fill in the box and click the button “HACK”. This will help you to hack the account of the person. Once you’ve clicked the button. A process will start. After which there will be some more steps.
  3. Now you’ll be asked to complete verification. This verification process will include completing surveys. It is an important process because being unable to complete the survey will result in failure of the hacking procedure. So complete the survey after which you’ll be able to retrieve the password. After receiving the password, login to the prior account with it and do whatever you want with it.


  1. To hack into someone’s Instagram account, click on this link to go to the website that features their Instagram account hacker. There you will see a button saying “Access online generator”. This will be the first step of hacking. Now enter the username or the email id of the account you want to hack. After that select the option of “use proxy” as it will save you from getting traced back. Because generally hackers can be easily traced with their IP address, so to hide it you should use a proxy server.
  2. After filling in the information and selecting proxy, click on the option of decrypt password. This process will complete within a minute. After which you’ll be taken for the human verification which is basically completing some surveys which will help you to get the password. This is not very hard and probably will take about five minutes.
  3. After completing all the surveys, just go back to the website and click on the option “show password” which is just below “decrypt password”. This will download the password in your system with which you can easily hack the Instagram account you want to.

Hack Insta Password

  1. To get access to someone’s Instagram account, click on this link This is a hacking website which will help you with your plan of hacking an Instagram account.

    On this account, you’ll see an option of “Hack Instagram Account” and also a lot of information about the website and the users who use the website on a daily basis.

    Now for hacking an account, click on the “Hack Instagram Account” button.

  2. Now a new window will open which will ask you to fill in the username of the account you want to hack. This is a very easy process, just enter the name and click on “Hack Account” or you can press enter. This process will start to verify the URL and generate the password of the account which will grant you access to the user’s account. Decrypting password may take some time, but it will not be very long. This process is generally long because the program tries to connect to the server of the Instagram and extract the information and login details of the account.
  3. Once the process is done you will see the password in the encrypted form. And there will be an option below that saying “show password”. When you click that button, you will be asked to complete two surveys. After the completion of these surveys you’ll be able to see the password. The surveys are not very hard. They are just basic downloading and filling forms, etc. Once you’ve got the password, you can easily use the password to hack the account you wanted to.